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Apply Below For Mike to Help You 
Create the Life of Your Dreams
Apply Below For Mike to Help You Create the Life of 
Your Dreams
Due to the nature of this program, not every candidate is accepted. If you want me to personally help you create the life of your dreams, you will need to qualify.

We review each application on a CASE-by-CASE basis, so please fill out your application as thoroughly and as transparently as possible if you wish to be considered for the program.

Here are the right candidates I am looking to work with: 

- The right candidates are motivated to take fast action.

 - The right candidates are coachable and willing to follow directions.

 - The right candidates are willing to invest time and resources into themselves for success.

 - The right candidates understand that in order to achieve next-level success, they need mentors who can get them there faster than they can get there themselves.

This program is currently in OPEN ENROLLMENT which means I am accepting applications. I am ready to speak with you once you complete your application. 

IMPORTANT: As you fill out this application, be specific and thorough about your current situation and desired goals. Not everyone is a good fit and not everyone will be accepted. 

Let me know why you think I can help you achieve your goals, and why you think now is the time for you to succeed... 

To your success,
Mike Gillette

P.S. Remember, there are only a limited number of spots for this program. If you want personalized help creating the life of your dreams, do not delay and submit your application now.
Here's What Others Have Said Working With Me...

Col. Lee Vans Arsdale - 
"Delta Force" Special Ops Commander

"It was Mike’s design and implementation of a specialized security course for a Fortune Fifty company in what can best be described as Mental Skills that impressed me greatly. The client was likewise impressed with Mike’s ability to improve mental skills, with the resultant improvement of the physical..."

Jerry Poteet - 
Original Student of Bruce Lee

"Like my teacher Bruce Lee, Mike’s amazing results speak volumes about his knowledge and dedication...”

Lisa King -
International Muay Thai Champion

"Mike Gillette is an essential part of my pre-flight ritual – I don’t ever plan on getting in the ring again without him...”

Rob Pincus - 
Professional Self-Defense Trainer

“Mike Gillette is a Mind Writer. The man knows how to motivate, how to inspire and how to both call out complacency and inspire greatness. His ability to help people re-write their internal dialogue and move forward with a mindset for success is unique and impressively efficient. A day with Mike out-values a year's worth of typical self-help books and motivational workshops.”

Dennis Rogers - 
Pound-For-Pound World's Strongest Man

"Mike Gillette has truly mastered the mental aspects of human performance. He has trained his body and disciplined his mind to overcome pain and fear both on-stage and in the field..."
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